The state of affairs

Given the particular circumstances of South Africa’s colonial and apartheid past, it is essential that we ensure that we are familiar with the prevalence of psychological problems in the country.

Unfortunately, the quantity of information we have on the prevalence of psychological disorders is low.

Fortunately, it is steadily increasing.

In 2014 research showed that 1/3 South Africans were likely to be suffering from a mental illness. Up to 75% of this 1/3 is unlikely to receive any help.

Some cases of mental illness go unnoticed.

South Africa’s top 5 includes:

  1. Depression disorders.
  2. Substance use disorder.
  3. Anxiety disorders.
  4. Bipolar mood Disorder.
  5. Schizophrenia.

Other studies indicate that:

  • 48% of new mothers suffer from postnatal depression.
  • Mentally ill people, like these mothers, are often rejected by their families. This is probably because the families don’t understand what is going on.
  • There is a huge shortage of specialised health-care professionals in South Africa.
  • Only 1% of beds in the psychiatric wards is reserved for children (including adolescents).

Despite the high prevalence of mental disorders, the South African government is known to have spent only 4% of the health budget to curb the problem.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) thus referred to mental illness as the orphan of the health care system.


We want to make the orphan of the health care system feel regarded.

Our primary aim is to PREVENT the occurrence of mental disorders through educating and/or creating an AWARENESS about mental illnesses.

Our secondary aim includes Renewing! (Romans 12:2) This is to be achieved through therapy (Group, individual, family, couples).